Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Bring into focus the true passion of each Individual by helping them recognize and move past limiting beliefs as they embark on an enriched life.

Vision Statement

By listening to the deeper meaning of your words and mirroring back your forgotten passions and desires, your energy will be redirected to the plethora of life's wonderful possibilities.

Coaching Relationship

The relationship between Life Coach and Client is a partnership having the primary objective of enriching the Client’s life. Through guided self-discovery, goal setting, and mentoring a Life Coach will help the Client break through limiting beliefs to make room for the creation of the “Life of Their Dreams.”  A Life Coach will mentor and encourage the client as they set and meet more meaningful and measurable goals. Using a proven method, a Life Coach will help the client find their own answers as they write their own Life Story.

Life Coaching is NOT Therapy

Life Coaching addresses the needs and desires of the entire person in areas of Physical, Emotional, Relationship, Spiritual, and Financial goals. A life coach recognizes that each individual is resourceful, creative and whole, and encourages them to direct their energy toward future goals.  Although life coaching is NOT therapy, it can be a powerful accompaniment to therapy. Over coffee, phone or Skype, Life Coaching can be conducted in one-to-one sessions or in groups. Make the change you have been contemplating, by developing your resilience and confidence! 

Life Coach
Debra  Speck, cpc