When Mark's sleep was finally so bad that he feared losing his job he went to see a sleep specialist.  Mark was diagnosed with two forms of severe sleep apnea. Ultimately Mark did lose his job.  After two years and many doctor visits Mark was still unable to sleep.  The C-Pap and Bi-pap machines held promise but there seemed to be more odds against Mark getting a good night's rest and Mark gave up hope.

Currently, Mark is working on his health. He has reduced his caffeine intake, rides his bike regularly, and is eating a healthy diet.  Mark is sleeping better, but still has bad nights.  He has changed his attitude, though, and chooses to take this on as his opportunity to overcome obstacles no matter how daunting they may appear.  It is not the challenges we are given in life but the way in which we handle those challenges that makes all the difference!​​

​​By bringing awareness to his self-care and by establishing strategies to help Mark set and achieve goals Mark is finding new joy in life.​​

Mark Spader
Life Coach
Debra    Speck, cpc
Did you know that there are three forms of sleep apnea?  Obstructive, central and a combination of the two. Common symptom of sleep apnea include:

​​Loud snoring
Waking up with a choking sensation
Sleepiness during the day
Morning headaches
Restless sleep

If you suspect you may have sleep apnea contact your primary care physician.​​  

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