Debra  Speck, cpc
The Story Behind the Profession
Albuquerque Life Coach, Debra L Speck, began her career when family members turned to her for advice. Having seen a transformation in Debra her family wanted to know what it was that made her so happy.  Although she had spent years studying human nature, Debra knew she needed more training in order to be helpful to others.  Debra set out on a journey to find greater love, health, happiness and prosperity for herself and her family.  During that time she became a Certified Life Coach.  "I now know why I have had the challenges in my life. My trials and joys have created an empathy in me that helps me connect at a deeper level with others."

"Some of the answers in life are so unexpected and yet so powerful when we understand how to apply the concepts. The first step is recognizing that life's challenges are the greatest learning grounds for all of us. ​​

​​The Laws of Attractions and 
Maslow's Hirarchy of Needs serve as a basis for Debra.  "Often however, when working with an individual, I turn to a deeper sense, an intuition for the needs of others that has always been within me.  The greatest reward is watching the change in energy when attitudes change." 
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